Militant Minded

Militant Minded

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Are Whites to Blame for Black Usage of the N Word?

Although mainstream America often criticizes the behavior of Black youth who listen to rap music (the pants below the waist, violent behavior and use of the N-Word) a Philadelphia social worker says that the root cause of the problem is white racism.
Abena Afreeka claims that although many people believe that the behavior exhibited in Hip Hop and some Black youth is part of some "ghetto culture," in reality, the behavior can be traced to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. And also, while many African American rap fans think that they are representing Black culture, they are really acting like white folk.
As part of the solution, Afreeka has launched the "N-Word Recovery Program." She believes that the only way for this country to move forward is for Americans to have an open and honest discussion on race , the origin of the "N word" and the negative behaviors attached to it.
Afreeka has been featured in the Philly Mag, and the Jet Magazine Online.
Recently, she also debated noted Black Conservative Republican, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, on his popular radio program.
Abena Afreeka's website is She can be reached at (215) 713-5785 Follow on Twitter @Afreekalive

Monday, April 22, 2013

Introducing Militant Minded Mess-Age Music

With the current controversies surrounding rap artists, from Rick Ross to LL Cool J, many will argue that Hip Hop is in a state of total chaos, utter confusion or just a plain "mess." The art form seems to be going through an identity crisis. However, a NC mixologist artist has cooked up a new form of Hip Hop called "Militant Minded Mess-age Music" which he describes as a mixture of hardcore gangsta rap and The History Channel with a dash of Internet Conspiracy Theory served over bangin' beats. . Michael Barham aka Divine Power says that the foundation of the sound is built on the pro black militant Hip Hop of the late 80's but relevant to people who, today, spend most of their days surfing the Net to find out what's going on in the world. "There are alot of issues being talked about on the 'Net that the mainstream media outlets are scared to report. We're gonna put it to music and blast it straight to the 'hood," said Barham For more information contact or (336) 303-0730