Militant Minded

Militant Minded

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Black By Nature/Conscious By Choice Network

The Militant Mind Militia Presents

The BBN/CBC Network
(Black By Nature/Conscious By Choice)

During the late 80's, rao icons Public Enemy said that they were going to create 5,000 Black leaders. This year our mission is to create 5,000 Black scholars, researchers and teachers who will be experts in Black History.

Also, we are organizing:

A Hip Hop Council of Elders consisting of artists from the Conscious Era (88-92) of Hip Hop to provide guidance for the younger rappers.

A coalition of Hip Hop artists who will form a movement to spark a new era of consciousness in Hip Hop.

A think tank composed of African-centered scholars, researchers and master teachers who will supply information that Hip Hop artists can use in their lyrics.

For more information contact Follow on Twitter @truthminista